Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi Review

NEELAKASHAM PACHAKADAL CHUVANNABHOOMI REVIEW submmited by Nikhil Edakkott Sameer Thahir had the balls to do it previously by making a movie which was against all the establishments,’Chappa Kurish’.Now once again,by making the pioneer movie of the one of the much awaited genre in malayalam industry [and my most favorite genre also],eventhough Shaji Kailas and Renjith had made ‘Ruraksham’ back in 1996. SCRIPT:Hashir Mohammed,the script writer tells us nothing about the whereabouts of the 2 protagonists,who begins a journey in a classy style on a Royal Enfeild Bullet.The story of their life is explained to the audience during the journey by a flashback.The dialogues are interesting,but the lead actors were stuggling with the Calicut and Kannur slangs.The script is a decent work,a fresh one indeed. NPCB is a good road movie,if you consider the ‘road part’,but the flash back part killed all the enthusiasm.Almost all world famous road movies,with a few exceptions ofcourse,follows forward telling in the narration.That is like a golden rule of Road Movies.This is because the thrill of a road movie comes from the feeling of ‘what happens next?’,an amount of uncertainty is needed.But here,Im sure that viewers lost the interest in the movie once they understood the 'cliché' flash back story[though fresh].They became sure that where this is headed and where this is going to end.That made the movie ending with an uninteresting 30 minutes.It would have been much more better if they entirely removed the flash back and finishing it with an open ending.Hashir Mohammed is talented,hope he comes with a blast next time.The only positive entity of the script is ,it showcases the unseen part of India. like 24matinee in facebook CLICK HERE DIRECTION:Sameer Thahir has improved a lot from the Chappa Kurish.He saved the movie in most of the dragging scenes.From the selection of bullets till the selection of locations,his classy directorship is felt.There are lots of unwanted scenes in the script,like ‘forest race’ ‘the truck bike duel scene’ etc, which was made viewable only due to his filmmaker skills.The casting is another area of brilliance,where he had to use different kinds of human beings across the nation,it felt original.A perfect Directors movie. like 24matinee in facebook CLICK HERE ACTING:Dulquar Salman and Sunny Wayne performed as usual.By 'usual' I mean,the repeated style of acting they had been doing since ‘Second Show’.Doubts have raised,whether they are capable of doing something different than this 'method acting'.Remind that 'method actors' are always typecasted![only exception being Mohanlal],and that’s a bad fate.What ever, in this movie they performed well.The lead actress performed nicely.In acting department,he main attraction is the acting of side actors,. TECHNICAL:.The shots had the color tone which matches the mood of the scene.Road movies are the most complicated type of genre to be picturised,and considering that aspect its brilliant cinematography by the DOP Girish Gangadharan.The veteran Sreekar Prasad has made the right cuts.Sound Design by Tapas Nayak was excellent. like 24matinee in facebook CLICK HERE SOUNDTRACK:Songs by Rex Vijayan are well picturised,so they can be viewed,but not a cool thing to hear them alone.But on the otherhand BGS was very much impressive.Never heard a bad note or beat between the scenes. If you are a lover of Road Movies,this is for you.But cannot guarantee a wholesome entertainment.And as always ‘new generation movies are not everyones cup of tea. RATING: 7/10 like 24matinee in facebook CLICK HERE